China’s First 10 MW Semi Direct Drive Wind Power Gearbox Goes Offline

The 10MW semi direct drive gearbox adopts two-stage NGW planetary transmission structure with high reliability. The integrated system model of main shaft, gearbox and motor is established, and multi-body dynamics analysis is carried out. The optimization of vibration and noise of gearbox with uniform load and micro modification is carried out, and the high reliability of gearbox is realized. Through the finite element analysis of the system deformation compensation and the iterative optimization of the actual measurement, the accurate control of the clearance of the large tapered bearing is realized; It breaks through the heat treatment deformation control technology of super large gear modulus and diameter ring gear, and the control technology of high efficiency gear opening and high precision gear profile grinding of large width ring gear. At the same time, it also accumulates design, processing, assembly and testing experience for the research and development of large MW offshore wind power gearbox, and lays a solid foundation.

The successful launch of the 10 MW semi direct drive gearbox marks the successful development of the first 10 MW semi direct drive gearbox in China, which meets the urgent needs of customers for the development of offshore large MW wind turbines.


Edited and translated: Following The Wind