Dongfang Electric – 13MW Offshore Wind Turbine Rolled Off The Production Line

On February 22, 2022, the 13 MW anti-typhoon offshore wind turbine independently developed by China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. and with completely independent intellectual property rights was successfully produced in Fujian Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park. It is the wind turbine with the largest single unit capacity and the largest rotor diameter in Asia, and it is also the first 13 MW wind turbine in China.

The 13 MW offshore wind turbine is aimed at class I wind zones such as Fujian and Guangdong provinces. It is developed based on the 10 MW offshore direct drive platform that has been put into mass operation. The rated power is increased by 30%, the rotor diameter is increased from 185 meters to 211 meters, and the available hours is more than 4,100 under the average wind speed of 10 meters/second.

According to Zhao Wei, deputy director of the R&D center of Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd., the 13 MW offshore wind turbine adopts the customized anti-typhoon strategy developed by Dongfang Electric Group, which can resist the super typhoon of 77m/s and is applicable to 98% of China’s sea areas. The wind turbine blade adopts the carbon fiber pultrusion process for the first time, breaking through a series of problems in the development of 100+m super long flexible blade, with a single length of 103 meters. It is reported that the hub center height of the 13 MW wind turbine is 130 meters, and the wind swept area of the wind turbine is 35,000 square meters. Under the design wind speed, each rotation can generate 22.8 degrees power. A single wind turbine unit can output 50 million degrees of clean power every year, which can meet the normal power consumption of 25,000 families of three in a year, and reduce 15,000 tons of coal consumption and 38,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission. It has achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Source: Dongfang Electric

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