4.5MW-155! The Onshore Wind Turbine With The Largest Single Capacity In China Is Connected To The Grid

Key words: 4.5MW-155 wind turbine, DEW, Onshore wind power

Abstract: The largest onshore wind turbine with the largest single capacity developed by DEW in China was successfully connected to the grid on July 13, 2020.


At 13:59 on July 13, the first DEW-D4.5SMW-155 permanent magnet direct drive onshore wind turbine, independently developed by Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd.(DEC), was successfully connected to the grid. It is the largest onshore wind turbine with the largest single capacity in China. Its grid connected generation marks a new breakthrough of DEC in the field of onshore wind power technology and provides strong support for “grid parity”.


DEW-D4.5SMW-155 permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine is a new product developed by DEC. for medium and high wind speed areas on land. The single unit capacity is 4.2-4.5MW, and the rotor diameter is 155 meters. Adopting the platform design and the technical route of permanent magnet direct drive and full power conversion, it has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency and low operation and maintenance cost.

After the wind turbine has entered the commissioning stage and has successfully  connected to the grid. The turbine runs stably with excellent parameters and excellent performance.

Source: 东方风电(DFFDGS)

Translated and edited by: minds:connected

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