Three Gorges International Completed The Investment & Delivery Of 400MW Wind Power Project In Spain

On August 12, 2021, Three Gorges European company affiliated to Three Gorges International successfully completed the delivery of the Spanish Horus project, which is another acquisition project of Three Gorges in the Spanish new energy market after the Daylight photovoltaic project.

Horus project includes 11 wind power stations and 1 photovoltaic power station in Spain, with a total installed capacity of 404,900 kW. The project has the advantages of long-term supervision income, safe and stable operation, reliable equipment quality and so on. Taking advantage of its good reputation in the European capital market and clean energy market over the years, Three Gorges International overcame the adverse impact of the epidemic. After careful research and arduous negotiation, it successfully signed a transaction agreement with the seller on February 18, 2021 to realize the project delivery after meeting all delivery conditions.

Source: Three Gorges International

Edited and translated: Following The Wind