Photovoltaic Power Will Accounts 40% Of China’s Electricity Consumption In 2050

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At the just concluded Leaders’ Climate Summit, China made it clear that the key to green development is “green and low-carbon development of energy”. The carbon emission of photovoltaic power generation is 1/10 to 1/20 of that of fossil energy power generation, which is a real low-carbon energy. However, photovoltaic power generation currently accounts for only 3.5% of China’s power generation. Photovoltaic will gradually become one of the important power sources in China in the future, providing a strong engine for achieving “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization”.

More than a dozen provinces in China that have issued the 14th five year energy plan have made it clear to vigorously enhance the scale of photovoltaic. The installed capacity of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places will increase by more than half by 2025. According to the prediction of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development And Reform Commission, nearly 40% of China’s electricity consumption will come from photovoltaic by 2050. With the sustainable development of photovoltaic and other clean energy, China will be more and more stable on the road of achieving “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral”.

Source: CCTV News

Edited and translated: minds:connected