DEW Got The First Order From Vietnam

Keywords:DEC, Vietnam Market


Recently, Dongfang Electric Corporation International Cooperation Co., Ltd. (DEC International) has successively signed and implemented contracts for onshore and offshore wind power general contracting projects. The projects are Vietnam Hongxiu, Changhai 3 and Changhai 4.

Vietnam Hongxiu wind power project is an onshore wind power project signed by DEC International and Vietnam Hongxiu Wind Power Co., Ltd. It is located in Guangzhi Province, Vietnam. In addition to wind farm construction, a 110kV substation is also built. The project adopts 4.5 MW direct drive wind turbine of DEC, which is the first wind power project signed by DEC in Vietnam and the first export of 4.5 MW wind turbine of DEC overseas.

Changhai 3 and Changhai 4 wind power projects are signed by DEC International and Vietnam Binzhi Wind Power Co., Ltd. It is the first overseas offshore wind power project of DEC, which adopts 4.5 MW direct drive wind turbine of DEC. The project is located in the offshore area of the estuary of the Mekong River, where wind resources are abundant. The development of the project is conducive to the further development of the project in this area.


Edited and translated: minds:connected