China’s First Single 50MW Wind Turbine Batch Project

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Datang Group will build a 1GW wind power project in Jilin Province, which will use 20 single 50MW vertical axis wind turbines. This is also the first batch project of single 50MW vertical axis wind turbines in China.

About the project:

It is estimated that the project will be constructed in three phases, and 1 million kilowatts of wind power will be generated annually after the completion of the project. The project covers an area of about 1.75 million square meters, with a total installed capacity of 1 million kilowatts. It adopts 20 sets of 50 MW wind turbines, and is expected to generate about 500 million kWh annually.

The project will be constructed by stages, of which the total scale of the first phase is 200000kW wind power generation project, and the development progress of the second and third phases will be timely carried out according to the power grid consumption and access.

The total investment of the project is 160 million RMB, including 128 million RMB of construction investment and 320 million RMB of working capital.

After the project is completed, the annual sales revenue is 50 million RMB, the profit is 280 million RMB, the payback period of investment is 8.08 years (after tax, including 3 years of construction period), and the investment profit rate is 18.03%.


Edited and translated: minds:connected