Modvion Built The First Wooden Wind Turbine Tower In Sweden

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Modvion AB, a Swedish engineering and industrial design company, built an experimental wooden tower for wind turbines on Bjorko island outside Gothenburg recently.

Modvion said the 30 meter tower was built for the Swedish wind power technology center at Chalmers University and will be used for research purposes.

“Laminated wood is stronger than steel at the same weight and can be made higher by modular construction.” “By using wood, we also reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing, instead of storing carbon dioxide in design,” said the chief executive officer of Modvion.

Modvion points out that wooden towers are cheaper than steel towers, which reduces the cost of wind power projects. In addition, the modular design of the tower allows its components to be transported on public roads.

Modvion, in collaboration with truss manufacturer Moelven Toreboda AB, built components for the first wooden tower at a bakelite plant in Toreboda. The two companies intend to continue to cooperate in the mass production phase.

Modvion has signed a statement of intent to purchase a 110m wooden tower with Varberg Energi, a power company, and a statement of intent to purchase 10 wooden towers higher than 150m with Rabbalshede Kraft AB, a Swedish wind power company.

According to Modvion’s current plan, they will start the commercial production of wooden towers in 2022.


Edited and translated by: minds:connected

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3 years ago

Interesting Article. I will forward to Gregor!