Diab Invests In Zhangjiagang PET Production Line

Key words: Diab, PET, Zhangjiagang, PET production line

Abstract: Diab officially announced to invest in Zhangjiagang PET production line to meet the demand of blade core material.


In May 20th, Diab New Material, the front running in high-tech sandwich technology, announced that it would invest in a new PET foam production line in Zhagnjaigang, Suzhou, east of China Jiangsu province, to meet the growing demand of the wind power industry. The new PET foam production line will be set up in exiasting factories in Zhangjiagang and is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2021.

The demand for PET core materials in China’s wind energy industry has increased, which has helped to start this PET foam production line.

The production line in Zhangjiagang will produce Divinycell PET series products. The material has excellent performance, which is the best way to meet the blade design, aiming to reduce the cost of wind rotor blade manufacturing.


Translated and edited by minds:connected