E9 Glass Fiber – The Future Of Longer Than 100m Blades

Key words: E9, Jushi

Abstract:On August 6, 2020, at the 6th China International Composite Material for Wind Power Industry Summit (CWPC) , China Jushi Co., Ltd. released E9 ultra high modulus glass fiber.


On the afternoon of August 6, 2020, at the 6th CWPC, China Jushi Co., Ltd. released E9 ultra-high modulus glass fiber, which once again refreshed the modulus level of glass fiber industry and broke the technical ceiling of the industry.

Before E9, the maximum length of wind turbine blades using glass fiber as raw materials was only 84 meters, while after the launch of E9, the longest blades could reach 90 to 100 meters.

At present, the mainstream modulus of glass fiber is 80-90GPa, while the dimensional modulus of E9 ultra-high glass fiber is more than 100GPa, which is 36% higher than ordinary E glass fiber and 12% higher than E7 glass fiber. The strength of E9 is 60% higher than that of ordinary E glass fiber and 12% higher than that of E7 glass fiber. At the same time, Jushi has realized the mass production of E9 by relying on the self-developed advanced production technology, which has significantly improved the cost performance and product competitiveness of ultra-high modulus glass fiber.

E9 glass fiber will provide a greater possibility for the expansion of high-end application fields of glass fiber composites. The product has a wide range of application prospects in wind power, new infrastructure, 5G, transportation and other fields, such as large wind blade, optical cable reinforcement core, aircraft parts, automobile manufacturing, temperature resistant materials, sports equipment, etc.

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