The British Government Will Invest Another 450 Million Euros In Offshore Wind Power Construction

Recently, the British government announced an offshore wind power investment of £ 380 million (about € 450 million) in its autumn budget and expenditure review, aiming to support the UK’s goal of achieving an offshore wind power installed capacity of 40GW by 2030. Of the 380 million pounds invested, up to 230 million pounds (about €272.5 million) will come from the 1.4 billion pounds (about €1.66 billion) allocated by the British government to the global UK investment fund during SR21. In addition, the budget and expenditure review confirmed an investment of £ 160 million (approximately € 189.7 million) to upgrade port infrastructure and support manufacturing, which will create and protect at least 2,500 jobs. By 2030, more than 60,000 jobs will be created.


Edited and translated: Following The Wind

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