WG5.55F-172- The Top Wind Turbine Model of Shanghai Electric Wind Power In Low & Medium Wind Speed Sea Area Successfully Gets Off The Production Line

On May 31, 2021, the first WG5.55F-172 wind turbine unit of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Electric Wind Power, stock code: 688660) based on Synergy hybrid platform officially went off the production line. This model focuses on “high cost performance” in low & medium wind speed sea areas, and is specially designed to deal with the specific wind conditions of China’s offshore wind resources with low average wind speed and large difference between the north and the south. It is a “highly economical” unit in China’s coastal areas, and will help Shanghai Electric Wind Power maintain the leading position of China’s offshore wind power in the era of parity.

WG5.55F-172 uses domestic and foreign double certified blades, high efficiency and low energy consumption cooling system, mature and reliable yaw system and comprehensive and better electrical system to achieve more efficient and reliable operation effect. In addition, the wind turbine unit adopts drive chain innovation to optimize the whole turbine design, which improves the transmission efficiency and power generation income, realizes the maintenance free generator, and realizes the self maintenance and replacement of large parts in the air.

Source: Shanghai Electric Wind Power

Edited and translated: minds:connected