CRRC Jiangsu Produced The China’s First 7MW Semi Direct Drive Wind Turbine

Key words: CRRC, 7MW wind turbine, Semi direct drive

Abstract: On June 30, CRRC Jiangsu held the completion ceremony of the first 7MW semi direct drive wind turbine generator offline and expansion project in Zhuzhou. The project is an important measure for the company to break the “deadlock” of capacity gap and meet the market demand of wind power industry.


The 7MW semi direct drive turbine is a customized product developed by CRRC according to their requirements of strategic partner Mingyang. It has the characteristics and advantages of high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, high maintainability, high intelligence, low temperature rise, low vibration and low noise. After the installation of a 7MW semi direct drive wind turbine, the annual power generation will reach 30 million kwh, which can meet the power demand of 10000 households throughout the year, and has strong market competitiveness.

Offline Ceremony

Source: CRRC Jiangsu

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