Epoxy Resin Price Soars! The Cost Of One Set Blades May Increase More Than 200,000 RMB!

According to the industry information, the price of epoxy resin has risen from about 22 RMB/kg in 2020 (from Internet) to about 36 RMB/kg in April 2021, and is expected to exceed 40 RMB/kg this May, which means that the price of epoxy resin has almost doubled. The weight of a 3-4MW turbine blade is about 60 tons, and the resin weight is about 30%. According to this figures, the cost of one set blade will directly increase of by more than 250,000 RMB. The shortage of balsa wood has been solved last year, and we will wait and see how the price of epoxy resin will change.

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