TOP 5 Wind Turbine Equipment Manufactures 2020 Worldwide

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The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) recently officially announced the top 5 global wind turbine manufacturers in 2020. According to its data, Vestas still ranks first, followed by GE, Goldwind, Envision and Siemens Gamesa.

Vestas occupies the first place with 16.186GW of new installed capacity in 2020, and has won the title of global turbine manufacturer No.1 for five consecutive years. Vestas benefits from the global market strategy. In 2020, its new installed capacity is distributed in 32 countries, especially in the United States, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia and Norway.

GE ranked second in the world mainly due to the strong performance of the domestic market in the United States and the Spanish market. Among them, the new installed capacity in the U.S. market exceeded 10GW, occupying the leading position in the U.S. wind power market for two consecutive years.

Goldwind’s new installed capacity in the Chinese market exceeded 12GW, a historical record; at the same time, Goldwind’s new installed capacity in the foreign market exceeded 1GW for the first time.

Envision ranks fourth following Goldwind. In 2020, the new installed capacity exceed 10GW. It is a new high for the company.

Siemens Gamesa dropped to fifth place. Although the world’s new installed capacity is distributed in 31 countries, the capacity is only 8.7GW, 1.2GW less than last year. This is mainly due to the slowdown of offshore wind power construction in Europe. However, Siemens Gamesa is still the global leader of offshore wind turbines.


Edited and translated: minds:connected