Vietnam Plans 91 Wind Power Projects With A Total Of 6.98GW

Key words: Vietnam Wind Power

Abstract: Vietnam plans 91 wind power projects which has been added to Power Development Plan VII with a total of 6.98GW.


In early July 2020, the Vietnamese government announced a list of specific wind power projects, which has been added to Power Development Plan VII (adjusted projects) as a basis for implementing construction investment management in accordance with regulations.

According to the Vietnam non water renewable energy update report published by Vietnam Energy Magazine (VER) in August 2020, the exploitable potential of Vietnam’s onshore wind power is about 217GW, while the total development potential of offshore wind power is about 160GW.

Specifically, 217GW onshore wind power can be divided into the following levels:

  • 1 / high wind speed area (> 6m / s) , 24 GW
  • 2 / average wind speed (5.5-6m / s) , 30 GW
  • 3 / low wind speed (4.5-5.5m / s) , 163 GW

160 GW potential development of offshore wind power includes:

  • Quang Ninh(11 GW)
  • Ha Tinh(4.4GW)
  • Ninh Thuan(25GW)
  • Binh Thuan(42GW)
  • Tra Vinh(20 GW)

Source: CWEA

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