Clobotics Acquired The World’s Leading Wind Turbine Blade O&M Enterprise

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On August 18, 2020, Shanghai–Clobotics acquired Finetune, the world’s leading wind turbine blade operation and maintenance service provider.


On August 18, 2020, Shanghai–Clobotics, a computer vision technology company acquired Finetune, the world’s leading wind turbine blade operation and maintenance service provider.

Since 2019, Clobotics’ wind power team has been working with Finetune to develop wind turbine blade maintenance technology and machine learning based wind turbine SCADA data analysis technology, and further commercialize them to the market.

After the acquisition, Finetune’s CEO, Dr. Lennart Kuhlmeier, and CTO, Dr. Wout Ruijter, will join the global wind energy R & D team, which will lead the research and development of blade maintenance and wind turbine data analysis.

About Clobotics

Founded in November 2016 by reputable industry leaders, Clobotics is a computer vision technology company with headquarters in both Seattle and Shanghai, and with branch offices in Beijing, Dalian, and Singapore. Clobotics’ end-to-end solutions combine computer vision, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and data analytics software with different hardware form factors, including autonomous drones, mobile applications and other IoT devices.

About Finetune

Founded in 2017, Finetune aims to help wind industry players get the most out of their assets through AI based solutions for performance and maintenance optimization.

Finetune has the technical strength of blade failure detection, wind turbine data analysis, power prediction and blade manufacturing, and can provide integrated solutions for customers in the industry.

Source: Clobotics_Technology

Translated and edited by: minds:connected

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