A Piece Of Roof Tile Equals 10,000RMB? ——Story Behind Long Blade Transportation

Key words: Large balde, Blade transportation, Rotor blade R&D

Abstract: A piece of roof tile was swept off during the transportation of 71m wind turbine blades. The transport fleet was asked to compensate 10,000 yuan for the falling piece.


On June 24, a logistics company in Xichang City, in the southwest province of Sichuan was transporting wind turbine blades to the wind farm. When the fleet passed by a city named Lizhou, due to the large bend of the road and the long length of the blades, the tip the blades swept away a tile from a house. The owners (a couple) stopped the fleet and asked 10,000RMB for compensation of “superstition” otherwise the fleet cannot leave.

The fleet had no choice but pay at that moment as the mediation was failed.

On June 25, the local police was noticed of the case. At present, the owners of the house have been detained for criminal purposes as they illegally and unreasonably charged the fleet.

As the rotor blades are longer and longer these years, the transportation of blades especially to the onshore wind farms is more and more headache which is also one of the bottlenecks of the large wind turbine development. To solve this problem, countless efforts and tons of money are put into segmented blades development around the world, yet a sound solution is still not available until now.


Translated and edited by: minds:connected