Tender – 8MW + 16MW Wind Turbines

Recently, Mingyang Yangjiang Qingzhou four offshore wind farm project started the procurement bidding of wind turbines. According to the requirements of the bidding announcement, 59 wind turbines with a single unit scale of 8MW and 2 wind turbines with a single unit scale of 16.6MW will be installed in the project.

According to the data, the developer of the project is Mingyang Yangjiang Yunhua Offshore Wind Power Development Co., Ltd., which is subordinate to Mingyang Smart Energy. The total installed capacity of the project is 505.2MW. The project is located in the sea area near Shaba Town, Yangxi County, Yangjiang City. The site covers an area of about 73.69 square kilometers, the water depth range is 41m-46m, and the central offshore distance is about 55km. It is a offshore deep-water wind power project.

Location of Qingzhou Four Offshore Wind Farm

Source: Mingyang

Edited and translated: Following The Wind

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