Windey Launched The World’s Largest Onshore Turbine Model – WD185-6660 /6250

Based on the Kunpeng platform released in early 2021, the innovation team of Windey Co., Ltd. launched two high-capacity flagship wind turbine models WD185-6660 and WD185-6250, which are highly competitive series products for the parity market. As the onshore models with the largest single unit capacity in the world, both models have recently obtained the certificates issued by the authoritative institution.

The two new models have the following advantages:

Better comprehensive power generation performance

Compared with other mainstream models with the same power in the industry, WD185-6660/6250 units have significantly better annual comprehensive power generation and equivalent annual available hours. Through flexible power control, they can cover the power range of 6MW-7MW, and the power generation is at the leading level in the industry.

Larger capacity of single unit

WD185-6660/6250 units have the largest rotor sweeping area of onshore wind turbines at present, and the capacity of a single unit is larger. For densely populated areas, large-capacity wind turbines can make use of limited land resources, reduce turbine unit numbers and have better comprehensive cost-effectiveness.

Higher environmental adaptability

The wind turbine units can meet the modular transportation and hoisting, and can reduce the requirements for transportation vehicles and cranes. In order to meet the operation environment of different wind farms, the platform is designed to meet the use of various complex working conditions in the future, such as low temperature, dust, rain and snow in the north, typhoon, salt fog and low pressure in the south.

Taking wind power projects with limited land resources as an example, under the condition of a fixed number of developable slots, compared with 5MW units in the industry, WD185-6660 wind turbine can increase the installed capacity of the wind farm by 33% and the annual power generation by more than 20%, so as to maximize the utilization of limited land resources. At the same time, the transportation of WD185-6660/6250 unit module, single blade hoisting and intelligent operation and maintenance also greatly reduce the project investment and bring better investment income to customers.


Edited and translated: Following The Wind