The Largest Onshore Wind Turbine In China Developed by DEW Is Successfully Installed

On June 9, 2021, the DEW-D5.5S-172 permanent magnet direct drive onshore wind turbine independently developed by DEW with completely independent intellectual property rights is installed in the test wind farm. This is the first onshore wind turbine with a single unit capacity of 6MW in China, and also the onshore wind turbine with the largest single unit capacity and rotor diameter in China.

DEW’s 5.5S platform series products are the large capacity flagship products launched by the company in order to better cope with the goals of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization”. The single unit capacity can reach 6MW. Under the design wind speed, a single unit can output 22 million KWh clean electric energy every year, which can reduce coal consumption by more than 7,150 tons, carbon dioxide emissions by more than 17,300 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 120 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 180 tons. The benefits of energy conservation and emission reduction are remarkable.

Source: DEW

Edited and translated: Following The Wind