National Quality Inspection Center Completes Static Test Of The 102m Wind Turbine Blade In China

Recently, the 102 meters blade developed and produced by Sunrui has successfully went through static test in the National Center of Quality Supervision & Inspection for Offshore Wind Power Equipment (National Quality Inspection Center). This is the first full-scale test of hundred-meter long wind turbine blade did in China according to international standards.

The National Quality Inspection Center, located in Yangjiang High-tech Zone, Guangdong Province, is the only national offshore wind power equipment inspection and testing and public technology service platform in China approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) and constructed by China General Certification (CGC). The blade laboratory can carry out full-scale test of 150 meter blade according to the requirements of international standards.

102m blade is the first 100m level blade independently produced in China. It is designed and manufactured by Sunrui and will match with 10MW wind turbine. In the middle of April 2021, the blade arrived at the National Quality Inspection Center. According to the requirements of international standards, the weight center of gravity, natural frequency and static test items were carried out successively.

Source: CGC

Edited and translated: minds:connected