XEMC Officially Renamed As Harbin Electric Wind Energy

On May 6, 2021, Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(XEMC) completed the industrial and commercial change registration and changed its name to Hadian Wind Energy Co., Ltd. Mr.Tan Wenli, former party secretary and general manager of XEMC, was changed to Mr.Gao Zhijun, general manager of new energy business department of Harbin Power Group.

According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Harbin Electric Wind Energy Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xingxiang Asset Management Co., Ltd., each holding 50%.

The renaming marks the completion of the restructuring of XEMC and the official entry of Harbin Power Group into the wind power industry. The reorganization is an important measure for Harbin Power Group to practice the new development concept, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and actively integrate into the new development pattern. Through this reorganization, Harbin Power Group will seize the good opportunity of the vigorous development of wind power industry, help Hunan Province to build a high-end equipment manufacturing industry highland, and create a new model of central local cooperation.

Source: 中国风电新闻网综合报道

Edited and translated: minds:connected