Shanghai Electric W6.5F-185 Prototype Wind Turbine Is Off the Production Line

Keywords: Shanghai Electric; W6.5F-185


Recently, the first W6.5F-185 prototype of Shanghai Electric was successfully offline in Putian base of Fujian Province. Shanghai Electric entered into the era of offshore wind power parity.

The model adopts platform design, optimizes and expands on the mature direct drive platform of Shanghai Electric 6.25-172, and further upgrades the key technologies such as power generation, reliability, intelligent control and wind farm solutions.

W6.5F-185 wind turbine is equipped with S90 blade, which is the longest glass fiber blade in China newly developed by Shanghai Electric. The length of S90 blade is 90m, and the diameter of rotor diameter reaches 185m. Compared with the previous generation turbine, the swept area per kilowatt increases by 11%, significantly improving the power generation capacity of 6-9m/s interval. In the area where the annual average wind speed is 7.5m/s, the annual full generating hours are more than 3200h.

W6.5F-185 turbine not only has high reliability of the mature direct drive platform, but also introduces the new generation reliability system of Shanghai Electric in the research and development process. The MTBF of W6.5F-185 can be increased by more than 8% on the basis of existing models.

W6.5F-185 turbine adopts smart control technology independently developed by Shanghai Electric. It has superior performance in machine learning and intelligent recognition. Through fine component monitoring, the pre operation and maintenance of products can be realized. 

Source: Shanghai Electric

Edited and translated: minds:connected