Windey Published World’s Largest Onshore Wind Turbine

Keywords: Windey; 6-7MW onshore wind turbine


Windey Co. Ltd. officially launched Kunpeng* platform, an onshore large capacity unit platform. The first model of the platform is WD175-6000/6250, with a rotor diameter of 175 meters and a power of 6000/6250kW. It has recently obtained the design certification from the domestic authoritative certification body, and will obtain the type certification in the second quarter of 2021 and put into the market in batches.

The wind turbine unit has the largest rotor swept area of onshore wind turbine, more than 24,000 ㎡. Under the average annual wind speed of 7m/s, the annual equivalent hours are more than 3.500 hours.

Kunpeng platform adopts a new modular architecture to break through the bottleneck of transportation and hoisting of large capacity wind turbine units on land, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1) Design Modularization: each system of the unit is modularized based on the unified interface, which can quickly combine a series of products according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of the project. Through flexible power control, the power range of 6MW-7MW can be covered, and the diameter of wind turbine can be expanded to 180m or more.

2) Modularization of transportation and installation: the main components of the unit can be separated into independent modules and transported to the site for assembly. The existing tonnage crane is used to complete the hoisting, which greatly reduces the difficulty of transportation and installation of large MW units on land. The maximum weight of WD175-6000/6250 is only 95 tons, and the volume and weight of WD175-6000/6250 are the smallest in the market.

3) Modularization of operation and maintenance: the major components of the unit can be inspected and repaired on-site, which reduces the difficulty of disassembly and assembly. Besides Windey creatively designed the cabin self lifting device to replace the crane, so as to reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the whole life cycle of the unit.

* Kunpeng is he name of Windey’s 6-7MW onshore wind turbine platform which comes from an ancient Chinese prose A Happy Excursion (author: Zhuangzi). “In the northern ocean there is a fish, called the k’un, I do not know how many thousand li (500 meters) in size. This k’un changes into a bird, called the p’eng. Its back is I do not know how many thousand li in breadth. When it is moved, it flies, its wings obscuring the sky like clouds.”


Edited and translated: minds:connected