The World’s First 12MW Semi Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Turbine Is Off-Line In CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd!

Keywords: CRRC Zhuzhou; 12MW offshore semi direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine


On February 23, 2021, the 12MW offshore semi direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine, the largest offshore wind turbine in Asia and the largest semi direct drive wind turbine in the world, was officially launched in CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd (CRRC Zhuzhou) ! It marks that CRRC Zhuzhou has made a major breakthrough in the core technology of high-power motor.

After installation, the annual power generation of this 12MW turbine will reach 58 million kWh, which can meet the annual electricity demand of 145,000 families, and the annual emission reduction will exceed 27,550 tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent to the emission of 18,000 cars). As China’s largest export wind power generator, the subsequent products will be exported to the European market in batches, which is of great significance to promote the development of China’s offshore wind power equipment.

12MW offshore semi direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine has the characteristics and advantages of “five-high and five-low” , namely high integration, high reliability, high efficiency, high maintainability and high adaptability; low torque ripple, low vibration, low noise, low harmonic, low temperature rise and low cost. This provides effective guarantee for efficient and reliable operation under multiple working conditions.

CRRC Zhuzhou has introduced the international advanced track traction motor technology experience into the whole process of wind turbine development, forming a wind turbine design and manufacturing platform with four technical routes of direct drive, semi direct drive, double-fed and asynchronous, realizing the full coverage of all kinds of onshore, offshore and floating units.


Edited and translated: minds:connected