Sunrui Wind Power Successfully Delivered The First Set Of 6.45MW-GW171Ⅰ36 Glass Fiber Offshore Blades

Key words: Sunrui, 6.45MW, Glass fiber

Abstract: Sunrui Wind Power delivered their the first set of 6.45MW-GW171Ⅰ36 glass fiber offshore blades for installation in August 2020.


Recently, the first set of 6.45MW-GW171Ⅰ36 glass fiber offshore blades manufactured by Sunrui Wind Power were delivered for installation at Yancheng base in southeastern China of Jiangsu Province.GW171Ⅰ36 is the third blade type of 6. X MW level produced by Sunrui, which will help the company win the competition in offshore wind power market.

This type of blade is 83.6 meters long. The spar cap of the blade is made of pure high modulus glass fiber. The design scheme of I-spar cap not only ensures the anti-typhoon requirements of the blade, but also effectively controls the weight of the blade and reduces the cost. It is another technical innovation of Sunrui to realize the research and development of multiple types of blades and after batch production.

Source:Sunrui Wind Power Blade

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