GE China’s Second Assembly Plant Delivered The First Wind Turbine

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Abstract: GE China’s second assembly plant in Puyang City delivered the first wind turbine recently. 


Recently, GE Renewable Energy’s second assembly plant in China delivered the first wind turbine and promised to further expand its capacity.

The new assembly plant, located in Puyang City, middle China of Henan Province, started the construction on September 26, 2019 and started production in early August 2020. The assembly plant will produce 2.5-132 onshore wind turbines based on 2MW platform, specially designed for China’s low wind speed market, and plans to deliver 200 to 300 wind turbines per year.

On August 5, 2020, Henan provincial government and Puyang Municipal Government signed the phase II investment cooperation agreement with GE U.S., which will build Puyang into an integrated onshore wind power manufacturing and service base radiating the Asia Pacific region. Centers for wind power design, digital service, training and maintenance will be also establish here.

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GE’s first assembly plant in China was set up in northeastern China Shenyang as early as 2005, with an annual output of 1200 wind turbines. In addition, GE is building Asia’s first offshore wind turbine assembly base in Jieyang, southern China Guangdong Province, and is launching its next-generation flagship model, Haliade-X 12MW.

GE signed four wind turbine contracts in 2019 with a total capacity of 1.2GW in China, which is 10 times of the order capacity in 2018, including the largest order of GE in Asia – Huaneng Puyang 715MW wind power project.

In June 2020, GE won the 30 MW wind power project of China Power Construction Corporation, which includes 12 2.5MW wind turbines.

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