Sinoma Has Successfully Produced The First 83.6m Blade

Key words: Sinoma, 83.6m rotor blade, 6MW wind turbine

Abstract: Sinoma has successfully produced the first 83.6m blade on July 3, 2020, which is the starting point for their formal production of 6 MW and above wind turbine blade project.


Recently, Sinoma’s first 83.6m wind turbine blade has been successfully offline, which also indicates the formal production of Sinoma’s 6 MW and above wind turbine blade project. It is understood that Sinoma’s 6 MW and above wind turbine blade project has a total investment of 1.15 billion RMB, which is the largest and highest level production base in the wind power blade industry at one time. The whole project started in the middle of May 2020. It took less than 40 days from the equipment installation to the first blade offline.

Sinoma Funing Workshop

Mi Shuxin, the operation director of Sinoma Funing said that there are three workshops in their plant. One workshop has two sets of moulds for producing 90m baldes and two sets of moulds for 83.6m blades. They expect to realize the first offline production of 90m blades in the middle and late July 2020. All 12 production lines will be put into production by the end of August 2020. The expected output of this year can reach more than 250 sets.


Author: Deng Mengli

Translated and edited by: minds:connected