First Set Of CGI76.0 Blade Was Produced by Chongtong Chengfei

Key words: CGI76.0 Blade, Chongtong Chengfei, Rotor blade manufactuer

Abstract: Chongtong Chengfei has produced the first set of CGI76.0 blades.


Chongtong Chengfei (Gansu factory) celebrated the successful production of their first set of CGI76.0 blades. All personnel including customer representatives and project team members attended the ceremony.

Under the careful planning and cooperation of the project team, the first CGI76.0 blade took 9 days to get off the production line successfully, creating the shortest trial production time record of the company’s large-scale blade. The project is the largest onshore blade type designed independently by the company. It is a major breakthrough in the production of new-type products after trial production and mass production of 71 projects in 2020.

Source: EASTWP

Translated and edited by minds:connected