103 meters! The longest wind power blade in China is offline!

On November 22, 2021, the b1030a wind power blade independently developed by Dongfang Electric Group and with completely independent intellectual property rights was offline in Dongfang Shandong wind power. The blade is 103m long, which is the longest wind power blade offline in China.

B1030a blade is mainly matched with the 13 MW offshore wind turbine independently developed by Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. and adopts the special airfoil family of wind turbine with high lift drag ratio / low roughness sensitivity to ensure excellent power generation efficiency; Based on the bending torsion coupling technology, the aerodynamic structure load coupling is realized to ensure the best balance between the performance and load of the whole machine; The carbon fiber material with high specific modulus and high specific strength is adopted to optimize the load and reliability of the whole machine with the lowest blade weight; Modular manufacturing technology is adopted to effectively shorten blade production cycle and improve reliability.
Source: Dongfang Electric

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