694MW! Bidding For Installation Of Large Components In 7 Wind Farms Of Huaneng New Energy

On June 3, 2021, Huaneng New Energy started the purchasing announcement of generators, gearboxes, main shaft and blades of seven wind farms with a total installed capacity of 694MW.

The main hoisting wind turbines include:

Turbine ManufactureTotal Capacity (MW)Turbine NumberSingle Capacity (MW)
Windey 99MW132+501.5 & 2.0
China Creative99MW331.5

The scope of bidding is the disassembly and installation of wind turbine gearbox, generator, main shaft and blade of wind farm affiliated to Huaneng Shanxi Branch. When replacing the generator, gearbox, main shaft and blade, the disassembly and restoration of electrical circuits and fixed facilities, as well as equipment alignment and required tools and equipment, etc.

The bidding period is one year. After winning the bid, both parties sign the agreement, and then sign the contract according to the actual amount. The successful bidder is responsible for completing the hoisting service of the wind farm in the above scope.

Source: bjx-fd

Edited and translated: Following The Wind