5139.1m!The First Wind Turbine Of The World’s Highest Altitude Wind Farm Is Installed Successfully

Under the guidance of the “30.60” carbon emission target national strategic planning, in order to continuously promote the development of renewable energy, Tibet, which is located in the ultra-high altitude region, began to vigorously promote the implementation of wind power projects. In order to develop the huge wind power market in Tibet, Windey cooperates with Three Gorges Group Tibet Energy Investment Co., Ltd. for a win-win situation, and fully promotes the development of the ultra-high altitude demonstration wind farm project in Zhegu, Cuomei, Tibet.

At 11:30 on May 21, 2021, the installation of No.6 wind turbine unit of Zhegu distributed wind power project in Cuomei County, Tibet, the world’s highest altitude wind farm, was successfully completed. The wind farm is located in Zhegu Town, Cuomei County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, at the northern foot of the Himalayas, with an altitude of 5139.1m. 2200GX wind turbine unit is designed and produced by Windey which is applicable to 5500m altitude.

Source: Windey