DEC 10MW Wind Turbine Gets Another 200MW Order

Key words: DEC, 10MW

Abstract: DEC 10MW wind turbine won 200MW order recently, which is the biggest order of their 10MW wind turbine.


On September 16, DEC wind power won the second batch of wind turbine and related equipment procurement contract package 1 and contract package 2 of Fujian Changle offshore wind farm area C project of Funeng group, with a total of 200MW. This project is the largest order of DEC wind power 10 MW offshore wind turbine.

The offshore offshore wind farm area C project of Changle, Fujian Province, is located in the sea area 32-40km away from the coastline of Changle, with a water depth of 39-40m. It is an IEC class I offshore wind power project. 20 sets of 10MW anti-typhoon wind turbines independently developed by DEC wind power will be installed.

DEC wind power’s 10MW anti-typhoon offshore wind turbine is customized for Fujian, Guangdong, southeast deep sea and other IEC class I typhoon resistant areas. At present, DEC wind power is independently developed and put into operation with the largest single turbine capacity in Asia and the second largest offshore wind turbine in the world. Since it was put into operation, the turbine has been widely praised by the industry due to its excellent performance.


Edited and translated by minds:connected